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There’s something magically calming about hands in clay… something sweet about eating out of a bowl or drinking from a cup that your own hands made with your own imagination.

We make each piece lovingly by hand to be functional and nourishing to our minds, bodies, and souls.





Opportunities to create are always welcome here, so dream big! Let’s join forces and brainstorm together.

Drop us a line with commission ideas, or to schedule a visit with us in our studio.


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Our studio is open to anyone seeking space to slow down, relax, and reconnect with their self.



Yoga sessions are led by Ashlynn: a mother and ceramicist, yoga student and teacher, and co- maker of Greenwood Park Studio.

Her guidance is founded in the Himalayan tradition of Hatha yoga, interwoven with gentle reminders of nourishment, and flavored by her fondness of spirit and imagination.

All are welcome, please come as you are! Variations of yoga poses are offered as we practice supporting and honoring our boundaries.



Our yoga studio is an intimate space that fits up to 8 yogis per session. Please message us to reserve your space.

Doors open 20 minutes before each session begins for students who like to arrive early to make their space and settle in.

Please bring a mat if you have one; pillows and blankets are provided for your comfort!

Yoga Sessions:

Sundays                                 2 PM

Mondays                                7 PM

Thursdays         11 AM    +    7 PM

First timers               $0
Drop-in                     $11
Three Pass               $33
Six Pass                    $55

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Our Story


Hello! We are Jase, Ashlynn, and Theodore: a family of artists living in Nebraska.

Greenwood Park is a unique studio space in our charming old home in the heart of the USA.

Our yoga studio is upstairs: a cozy space that accommodates up to 8 yogis in each session.

The ceramic studio is downstairs: a whimsical place that resembles our favorite childhood forts.

We believe in the power of our creative journey and the self unfolding that accompanies.
Yoga practice and ceramic process are just a few of the ways we grow our own creative wellness.

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Thanks for being here. We look forward to connecting with you!