A space for centering with yoga practice and ceramic process.


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There is something calming about hands in clay… something about witnessing an immense process with an outcome that is never quite controllable.

At times, the work emerges with a need to let go, learn and revise, other times blesses us with joy, and always with new ways of understanding.




We make each unique piece by hand to be both functional and nourishing to the body, mind and soul.

Opportunities to create are always welcome here, so dream big! Let’s join forces and brainstorm together. Drop us a line in our contact form with commission ideas, or to schedule a visit the studio.



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Our studio is open to anyone looking for space to slow down and reconnect with their centered self. 


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Yoga sessions are led by Ashlynn, a student and teacher of yoga, and co- maker of Greenwood Park Studio. Her guidance is based in the Himalayan tradition of Hatha yoga, interwoven with gentle reminders of nourishment, and flavored by her fondness of spirit, poetry and imagination.


15039550_380978222239197_3170211307573535572_oVariations for yoga poses are offered as we practice supporting and honoring ourselves as we are. All are welcome in our classes, whether the yoga path is new or familiar.

Our yoga studio is an intimate space that fits up to 8 yogis per session. Bring a mat if you have one; pillows and blankets are provided! Doors open at 1:45 PM for any who would like to arrive early to settle in.

Message us to let us know you plan to practice with us, and we will return your message with details.

Sunday Sessions 2:00 – 3:20 PM
3 Sessions            $33
6 Sessions            $55
9 Sessions            $88
12 Sessions        $111
24 Sessions        $222
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Our Story

17884037_471869496483402_6637899810495449174_nGreenwood Park Studio is surrounded by our garden in a charming old white house in the heart of the USA.

We believe in the power of exploring our creative process, and the self discovery and growth found within.

Our yoga studio is upstairs: a cozy space that accommodates up to 8 participants in each yoga session.

The ceramic studio is being built downstairs: an intimate, whimsical space that resembles our favorite childhood indoor fort days.

Our vision is to make space for playing, dreaming, making, growing, and sharing collectively.

Greenwood Park is a unique studio space created by artist team Ashlynn and Jase Andersen. Theodore is our son, our sweet little helper!

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Feel free to use our contact form to ask questions, reserve space in our sessions, schedule appointments, begin commissions, offer collaborations, or just say hello!